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Tropicana Cherry Strain Exposed: Unveiling the Secrets of this Exotic Hybrid

Updated: May 21

The world of cannabis strains is vast and ever-evolving, but every once in a while, a strain comes along that truly stands out from the rest. Enter Tropicana Cherry strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its uplifting effects and fruity flavors that will make your taste buds dance with delight.

The Tropicana Cherry strain was bred by Relentless Genetics by crossing Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies. It packs citrus notes flavors that balance the sweetness and tartness, while overly ripe cherries and earthy nuttiness add complexity. It delivers a harmonious, relaxed, and creative high. 

But what exactly is this strain, and where does it originate? Are you ready to uncover its secrets? Let’s unravel its origins, characteristics, usage, and more!

What Is the Tropicana Cherry Strain - An Introduction

We've prepared detailed information regarding the Tropicana Cherry strain - its profile, genetics, and characteristics.

Strain Profile

Check out some quick facts about the Tropicana Cherry strain.


Sativa-dominant hybrid - 60% Sativa, 40% Indica


Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies


Relentless Genetics


super heavy flavor of sweet and sour citrus wrapped around overly ripe cherries, earthy nuttiness


sweet and sour citrus, cherry, sharp citrus overtone


bright and cheerful effects, feeling energized, cheerful effects accompanied with overall cerebral stimulation, feel euphoric

Helps with:

chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, chronic fatigue, depression, negative thoughts

Side effects:

slurred speech, dry eyes, cottonmouth, and, in severe cases, panic attacks


THC level: 16-24%

CBD level: 0.2-0.6%

CBG level: <1%


Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Genetics - Lineage, Type, and Content

Tropicana Cherry, also known as Cherry Trop, is a hybrid strain created by crossing Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies. It's slightly Sativa-dominant, leaning 60/40 in the ratio. This exciting combination was bred by the talented Relentless Genetics team, known for creating unique and flavorful strains. 

Furthermore, the THC content in this strain ranges from 16-24%, making it a potent choice for those seeking a powerful high. Additionally, CBD is at 0.2-0.6%, while CBG is at less than 1%. 

The dominant terpenes are typically Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. These terpenes contribute to its distinctive aroma and potential effects. 

Even though its parent strains have already earned their fame among cannabis enthusiasts, Tropicana Cherry fuses the best traits into a singular, extraordinary strain. So, what are the characteristics that make this strain so delightful?

Characteristics - Appearance, Flavor, Smell, and Taste

Tropicana Cherry is an eye-catcher. Its oversized, rounded forest green nugs feature deep purple undertones, light amber hairs, and tiny, frosty white crystal trichomes. Its visual appeal is just the beginning, though – as soon as you open the container, you’ll be greeted by an intense aroma that combines the best of its parent strains.

Moreover, the flavors and aromas are truly a treat for the senses. With sweet and sour citrus notes wrapped around overly ripe cherries and earthy nuttiness, this strain will surely make your taste buds tingle with delight. The more you indulge, the more the fruitiness intensifies, creating a super-heavy, irresistible flavor. 

Furthermore, the aroma is heavy and sour, making it distinct. It carries a sharp citrus overtone that will awaken your senses. Indeed, the sour citrus-wrapped sensation is truly unique to this strain.

Having explored the enticing characteristics of this strain, it’s now time to examine the effects of this strain on its users and the preferred methods of consumption for maximum enjoyment.

Usage - Effects, Benefits, and Side Effects

Tropicana Cherry is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. Its potency is higher than average, so you can expect a powerful high that will leave you feeling euphoric and energized. One of this strain's most notable aspects is its cerebral stimulation, which makes it ideal for creative pursuits or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

In addition, it's ideal for treating chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, chronic fatigue, depression, and negative thoughts. Moreover, its bright and cheerful effects can help uplift your spirits and bring some holiday cheer.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential side effects, which may include slurred speech, dry eyes, cottonmouth, and, in severe cases, panic attacks.

How to Consume

To experience the full spectrum of Tropicana Cherry’s delightful effects, you can consume the strain by smoking or vaporizing the flower. It’s recommended to start with a small amount and gradually increase as needed to find your ideal dosage.

Following this approach will ensure you enjoy all the uplifting and euphoric effects without going overboard and experiencing any adverse side effects. Additionally, you can enjoy this strain with CBD products and delicious foods.

Grow Info - Flowering Time, Harvest Time, and Yields

For those interested in cultivating their Tropicana Cherry plants, germination, and propagation are typically done through the reliable paper towel method or directly in a growing medium. It thrives with balanced N-P-K nutrients and a controlled light cycle during vegetative. Additionally, pest control through organic methods is essential to ensure a healthy crop.

Thanks to its relatively brief flowering, harvest periods, and generous yields, this cultivar is a fantastic strain for growers of all skill levels who wish to enjoy its delightful flavors and effects. 

The flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks, with harvest following the same timeline, offering impressive yields whether grown indoors or outdoors, approximately 500-600g/m2 indoors and 600-700g/plant outdoors. Consequently, you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Moreover, planting during the spring ensures optimal growth.

How Tropicana Cherry Strain Compares to Others - Similar and Alternative Strains

As a unique and flavorful hybrid, Tropicana Cherry stands out in the cannabis world. However, other strains share similar characteristics and effects, such as Tropic Cherry, Tropicana Cookies, Cherry Cookies, Tangie, Skunk # 1, Northern Lights, and Trainwreck. Each strain offers unique characteristics and effects that may be just what you’re looking for. 

Exploring these alternative strains will broaden your cannabis horizons, leading you to discover new favorites that provide the same delightful fruity flavors and energetic, euphoric effects as Tropicana Cherry.

Where to Buy, Pricing, and Review

So, where can you get your hands on Tropicana Cherry? Well, you can find this delightful strain from online retailers and dispensaries. The average price is around $10-$15 per gram, and some retailers and dispensaries even offer discounts. 

For instance, at All The Buzz DC, you can get a flower gift for every shirt purchase at $50-$75 or a mask at $40-$45. Interestingly, the surprise gift may be your favorite marijuana strain. Furthermore, there are also other DC dispensaries you can check out from a list of stores at

Moreover, it's important to note that users generally report that Tropicana Cherry is an awesome strain with a delightful, fruity flavor and a powerful, uplifting high. On the other hand, some users have reported that it can be too strong, causing anxiety or paranoia. However, severe adverse effects happen only with abusive or heavy marijuana use.

As with any strain, it’s recommended to commence with a small quantity and incrementally increase as necessary to determine your perfect dosage. However, if the effects are too strong, then you can always detox from marijuana

Final Thoughts

Tropicana Cherry is an exceptional strain that offers a unique combination of delicious flavors and powerful, uplifting effects. With sweet and sour citrus notes wrapped around overly ripe cherries and earthy nuttiness, it's a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. Experience the Tropicana Cherry high that comes with this delightful strain.

Ready to experience the delights of Tropicana Cherry and more fantastic strains? Check out All The Buzz DC’s marijuana delivery services today and elevate your cannabis journey!

Related Questions

Still have questions? Check out a couple of common ones below.

What is the typical shelf life of Tropicana Cherry when stored properly?

Tropicana Cherry typically maintains its freshness and potency when stored properly for approximately 6 to 12 months. Proper storage in airtight containers in a cool, dark place is key to preserving its quality.

What are the recommended growing conditions for Tropicana Cherry when cultivating it at home?

Tropicana Cherry thrives indoors with a balanced N-P-K nutrient regimen, controlled light cycle, and organic pest control. Its relatively brief flowering period makes it suitable for home cultivation.

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